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Elevated Garden is Getting Grown Collective's first project, a garden on 63rd and Morgan in Chicago's Englewood community. GGC is connected to 63rd and Morgan through our members' family ties to the block. The majority of the core collective either lives on, was born and raised on or has/had family on 63rd & Morgan.


In 2008, members of the block started a Block Club of old block residents that meet annually to stay connected to their childhood neighbors. Two members of the 63rd & Morgan Block Club, Harrison and Luke Smith, owned two vacant lots and granted Getting Grown Collective permission to start Elevated Garden. At the time, in early 2017, Harrison was his father Luke's caretaker and stated that his dad "always wanted a garden on those lots but didn't have the energy to do it". 


After several intergenerational conversations, emails and rounding up of family and friends, ideas of reclaiming green space, responding to disinvestment in our community and preparing the youth for an unpredictable future was activated April 2017 when GGC began working on those two vacant lots.


Elevated Garden offers organic vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers while also providing a space where neighbors of all generations are invited to learn and practice horticultural skills...or just chill.


GGC also hosts youth group visits, garden tours, workshops, yoga classes and Elevated Healing, a free-health clinic that offers CPR training, Stop-the Bleed workshops and consultations with health professionals from University of Chicago.


Elevated Garden represents community teaching and learning ownership, honoring ancestors and developing self-sustaining knowledge while progressing towards land and food sovereignty.

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