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Getting Grown Collective is comprised of residents from Chicago's Englewood community. Located on the southside of Chicago, Greater Englewood is a vibrant and dynamic village of skilled, proud and intergenerationally-connected black people with southern roots. Englewood was home to many of the first migrants to flee the south for northern cities in the 1950s and 60s. 

Over the last few decades, Englewood has experienced waves of change that range from housing one of the world's busiest shopping districts to disinvestment and displacement of families by multi-billion dollar corporations. Nevertheless, residents and community-led organizations continuously work to highlight and uplift the beauty, history and future of the Greater Englewood community.

As members of the Urban Stewards Action Network and Englewood Village Farms, Getting Grown Collective works with action-based food and environmental organizations "focused on Black and Brown relationship building to cultivate connections and provide peer-based mutual support within the food system in Chicago".

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