Farm. Food. Familias Mutual-Aid Meals(FFF) is a project led by Getting Grown Collective, and supported by the Little Village Environmental Justice Organization, Urban Pilon, Fresher TogetherAmor y Sofrito and Kwamena to prepare and deliver meals to families in Little Village, Englewood and South Chicago. FFF started with 50 meals on May 6th, 2020.


Little Village, Englewood and South Chicago have been and continue to be some of the most affected communities by COVID-19. As of May 1st, 2020. Little Village, Englewood and South Chicago(including South Shore) reported 1285, 712 and 1590 confirmed cases respectively. These communities have a high number of folks working as essential workers. As they face lack of access to food, increasingly due to loss of work, existing systematic disenfranchisement, access to healthcare, and an overload of local food pantries we thought it’d be important to provide community members with weekly nutritional and cultural significant meals as an offering of nourishment and mutual care. 


To shed light on local urban agriculture led by Black and Brown communities, a portion of the produce for each meal will come from a number of community gardens and urban farms located in Chicago’s Southeast and Southwest sides. 


In partnership with Chef Roberto Perez of Urban Pilon, Chef Fresh Roberson of Fresher Together, Chef Karla Morales of Amor y Sofrito and Chef Kwamena of the Let Us Breathe Collective #EverbodyEats Program, we’ll be providing fresh meals through contact-free delivery, every week to 350 people. 

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