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Mama taryn

This is Mama Taryn!Our legal consultant, design planner, master gardener , and most of all...our mother figure. All- in-one. Mama Taryn's hobbies are gardening, planning & designing, planting , & maintenance. She has been with Getting Grown Collective since April 2017! She has a strong belief that God intended for us to tend to the earth and gardening is a part of it which is why she enjoys it. Gardening is a healing & peaceful environment for Mama Taryn. In fact, She plays a major role of selecting the designs for the pollinator sections of  GGC's gardens! She gained passion for gardening when she was a little girl.  Fun & interesting fact about Mama Taryn is that she grew up on 63rd & Morgan, the same block our garden is located  & learned how to garden from the Mamas on the block. Not only does she enjoy gardening but she’s also an Art collector and she loves to do arts & crafts.She even mentors young people! Mama Taryn is such a strong beautiful woman whom we all look up to.

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